Burscough Archers

FREE HAVE-A-GO SESSION: Saturday, 16th March 2019 1pm - 4pm

This is an informal, easy-going, commitment-free opportunity to hold a bow in your hand and, under qualified supervision, shoot a few arrows at a target just 10 yards away. And it's undercover in the indoor range (as the picture above) so you don't need to worry about the weather.

Burscough Archers is a warm and family-friendly, forward-looking club. Archery is a great sport for all ages and challenges both the mind and the upper body. And you'll just love the feeling you get when the arrow flies straight and true into the target.

It's an inexpensive sport and you can even use the club gear for a short period until you're sure that archery is for you. The idea is that you come and "have a go" at archery and then you might want to enrol on a beginners' course. There'll be no pressure, no commitment and no cost on the day. But, if you wish to join Burscough Archers or indeed any other Archery UK affiliated club you will need to complete a beginner's course. We run them during the summer months, typically four 90-minute sessions, usually on four consecutive Sunday afternoons. We do run some evening sessions too but they are demand driven.

The cost of a beginners' course, payable in advance, is £50 for ages 10 to 17 and £60 for those 18 and older with a special rate for a parent and child taking the course together of just £100. Once you've completed the Beginners' Course and joined the club, you'll be able to shoot when you want to, although for the first few months of membership you would need to be accompanied by a more experienced member for safety reasons.

Our range is open to members seven days a week from 9 am until dusk. Occasionally, we close it for grass cutting, marking out or for special events but, apart from a few hours a week in the summer when the grass is trimmed, these are truly rare events with plenty of notice.

Our membership subscription includes insurance, club membership and membership of Archery GB, Northern Counties Archery Society and Lancashire Archery Association.

The full-year membership subscription rates are: As a member, you will be able to shoot using the club equipment for a short period. Indeed, in the early months of your development, we discourage you from buying your own kit as so much changes physically as you continue to shoot: All of these change most notably in the early months as you develop, making early purchase of your own gear very inadvisable. Additionally, delaying purchase gives you a personal opportunity to feel sufficiently committed to the sport to justify the additional cost.

So come along on Saturday, 16th March 2019 (1pm- 4pm) and prepare to become an archery addict!

===== No need to book! ===== Nothing to bring! ===== Nothing to pay! =====

Just turn up on the day!